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Galactic Grams


Bringing creativity & inspiration to the collectible NFT marketplace with individual grams of Galactic strains from the Old Earth and beyond.

4/20/22 NFT DROP

Galactic Grams has been working towards an official release of its 7 Original Old Earth Strains. This unique collection is much different than any NFT Cannabis related project seen to date. Each gram tells a story of its origins and history. Galactic Gram NFT’s tell a story within a story of the history & relationships forged in their crews travels. Stay tuned as they get closer to sharing their project across this galaxy and beyond.  The Wax Blockchain is where you will find our collectibles. Crossbreeds & future collectibles (Pollen, Seeds) are being created to bring to market. Stay tuned for future updates.




NFT Spaceweed Collectibles

Shuttle Buds' origin is Old Earth. One of seven original Earth strains. Its highly sought after genetics can be traced back to the legendary Super Cerebral Sativa and Ghani Gold Indica..

Check out GalacticGrams.com to see more of their NFT Collectibles..